Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Reiki and Advanced Energy Therapies

 Sometimes our bodies, minds and spirits get used to feeling a certain way and we feel stuck, or frustrated.  Often this 'stuck' feeling is an energy blockage.  Sometimes we are too close to the situation for us to recognize the root source of the blockage and we need an energy session.  Not only can an energy session identify areas that we have built up 'gunk' but it can also help renew our spirit and strengthen our resolve.

A Reiki and advanced energy session can help remove the blockages after they have been identified.  The Reiki practitioner, while hopefully proficient in their therapy, is not the one doing the work, doing the healing or fixing, you are.  I want to stress here that Reiki is a truly complimentary therapy, you should create a Holistic Network of support during your work towards the healthy lifestyle that is right for you and after to maintain your desired healthy state.

Some of the possible connections:

1.  is there an emotional cause or connection to the pattern?  if yes, Reiki and energy healing can bring to light the location of the emotion, the root cause, and some holistic options for taking that step towards healing.

2.  is this a mental thought pattern or process?  are you in a loop that is not good for you?  are you full of worry or negative thoughts?  Reiki, through relaxation and chakra balancing and healing can help change those patterns first with identification and through relaxation, come up with a meditation plan that fits your needs.

3.  was there a trauma involved?  maybe you don't recognize how that trauma has effected you but a reiki session might bring that connection to light.

4.  was there a loved one involved?  have you created a connection that is causing a blockage?  Is this a connection that can be removed, healed and then identify ways to not create that connection in the future?  Reiki and advanced energy therapies can bring these areas to light and address a plan of action.

5.  do you have a spiritual practice in place?  I often work with my clients in identifying ways that they connect with spirit/ki/energy/the universe.  Most of the time they had a practice and as they got older forgot to nurture that connection.  While western medicine has separated our health from our vitality, I believe that Reiki and advanced therapies reconnect us to our core vitality.  Nurturing our connection to the earth and universe is very relevant in our state of overall health.

6.  is there a possible connection to karma from your past life or ancestors?  What if you don't believe in a past life connection can this still happen to you?  Yes, at a fundamental level we all share energy with the universe, "to infinity and beyond", we all share history and stored knowledge.  And there are many theories on multiple worlds and time-lines from a quantum universe perspective.

7.  are you in a stress-full or toxic energy environment?  do you pick up emotions and thoughts from other people?   reiki and advanced energy therapies can be helpful in validating your emotional and mental responses to outer influences.  I also work with many people on creating healthy strong auras, that allow positive compassionate energy in and keeps unwanted, draining energy out.

8.  are you in physical pain, suffering from an illness, undergoing therapy, or know what kind of change you need to make but find it difficult, such as losing weight?  Reiki is a very nurturing therapy.  Together with your team of health care professionals you can experience deep relaxation and know that your Reiki practitioner is there for you, unconditionally, to support you on your path.

While sometimes we may be too close to the situation to come up with the answer to what is holding us back, most of the time, deep within, we have an inner knowing.   Working with energy therapies and in particular Reiki, over time you develop a deep loving relationship with your sacred self.   You can discover your path to the healthy lifestyle that is right for you and how to take that first step towards your goal.

Many Bright Blessings,
Carmen Tracey