Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Active Hope - Good News for Our Planet

Dear fellow dreamers and visionaries,

Good news!  There is Hope.

I participated in a weekend workshop called Active Hope; How to Face the Mess We're In Without Going Crazy.  I spent most of yesterday in the sort of sleep state that comes from cleansing heavy emotions. This morning I woke with the knowledge that how I live my life does matter. I matter.  You matter, please know that.

I received some very helpful and Hope-Full messages from Active Hope.  I want to share these with you with the hope that they resonate with you and boost your confidence in your ability to dream a better more just world.  I am full of hope that you read this post and take to heart the importance of our sharing our pain and sadness. That there is more opportunity for healing in sharing then in remaining silent.

I do not have to have the answer.  I do not need to solve all the worlds problems. I do not need to be the judge of someone else's priorities. Why? Because they are all valid. Our world has many issues and not one is more important then the other. We need each other. There is no real way to solve all of the world's problems, right now today.  So it is a relief to know I do not need to spend another minute trying to.

We can be open to the unexpected outcome. The Unexpected Outcome. I love it! I can allow for the possibility that we will change our failed industrial system into something beautiful and sustainable. I can allow for the opportunity for trophy hunting to be a sad story of our past. I can allow for the unexpected outcome. And because I do not have to solve the worlds problems, I can hold hope in my heart - I may not know how we will save ourselves but I can allow that we might. That we can and will.

We do not know who will be that 100th monkey or that tipping point.  Is it you? Is it me?  What if it is the very next person I talk to that all of a sudden allows for a shift in consciousness? A shift in the paradigm. It really is not that many people needed to make a drastic change in the world.  13 out of a 100 people represent the tipping point percentage.  I like to think I know 13 like minded people who are hoping and working toward change. I like to think that at any moment maybe I am the 99th monkey, a bridge towards change.

Our emotions are not dirty. It is ok to talk about our sadness, anger, hopelessness, depression, joy, desires, fears and so on. Too often we are taught that we can't talk about our fear, talking about it gives rise to it. Talking about our sadness is un-grateful. If we are depressed we need medication, help. If we are angry, its too scary. Well I just participated in the most refreshing and cleansing ceremony called the Truth Mandala in which we were able to share our feelings in a safe sacred space. No one told me I was being melodramatic when I cried for my orangutan friends, that my anger at our failing democracy was silly, no one gave me 'helpful' advice on how to not feel hopeless about how many people eat hamburgers at mcdonalds, that these hamburgers are destroying the very forests my orangutan friends need to survive. In fact no one said anything at all, we all just listened to each other, gave each other a space to share our feelings. Our new story needs to allow for expression of emotions. There are no 'bad' emotions. Your vibration is not going to keep you from healing, from the light. I am surrounded by light workers who would have you 'let go' of those feelings to remain at a higher vibration - let go and ignore? or feel and let go - there is a difference. We come from an old story of silence. Speak up, say your truth.

We need to practice writing and telling a new story. In my new story I live in a world where everyone has access to fresh, clean, unpolluted water. Everyone has access to a livelihood based on sustainable, just practices; never abusing animals, people or the earth for a higher gain. In my vision we are all living a life of joy, held in blessed space to feel our feelings, to walk a path of honoring our gifts as unique individuals. We are learning just how powerful our brain and imaginations are. It is valid to use those gifts. Dream, envision, allow for the unexpected outcome, of dreaming and sharing your vision for our world.

Tell me about your world, your visions of Active Hope. Tell me about your pain, your sadness, your joy - I will listen.

If you see an Active Hope workshop in your area, take it.  If you want to host/ess an Active Hope workshop in your area, I know a great and wonderful facilitator: Kathleen Rude.  Many blessings to everyone who participated in the Active Hope workshop with me this weekend. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to be held in community for healing our beloved mother earth.

Many Blessings of Peace and Freedom for all my relations, Carmen Tracey

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Are You Scaring the Trees?

I was telling my friend something that one of my teachers said during an intensive I was taking last fall.  My friend told me I should write a blog about it, so here it is:

 The story was about how my teacher was hired to communicate with some trees that were to be cut down and her clients wanted to know if the trees were ok with this.  Surprisingly my teacher discovered that the trees were much more afraid of the protesters then the loggers.  The loggers were going about their job with a pure heart, where as the protesters were acting out of anger, judgement and hatred.

Those are scary emotions indeed!  Anger, Judgement and Hatred.  Indignant righteousness.

I consider myself a Deep Ecologist and an Activist and as such I find myself belonging to numerous groups both online and through annual donations to support their efforts.  Frequently through emails and Facebook posts I get updates on certain conditions, such as animal abuse and environmental injustices.  What I found most alarming when I returned from my intensive was the sheer number of people making comments out of Anger, Judgement and Hatred.

For instance, take any Facebook post about an abused dog and read the comments.  You will find the majority of the comments include statements like:  "that person should suffer the same fate"  "that person should rot in hell" "that person should be mutilated in some fashion"  and so on.

I am truly blown away by this.  All that raw negative energy directed at a very specific person.  Or company or country or 'other'.  In a world that is largely Christian, I ask myself where is the "love thy neighbor"?  Where is the compassion?  If we are creating our world through intention, shouldn't we be imagining a better place, not more violence?

So I ask you, in your heart, your thoughts and your spoken or written word:  do you Scare the Trees?  Are you taking an active part in creation?  Creating with responsibility?

I challenge us all to make positive use of our global social network to create a world full of love, hope and compassion.

Love the Trees, please,
Carmen Tracey

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


When you first hear the word curse does the image of the old gypsy woman in Steven Kings Thinner come to mind? Or the image of the evil eye?

Curses have been used since the dawn of man. The creativity and inventiveness of humans have allowed for some fascinating and complex curse designs. There was a time when it was the norm to believe in supernatural creatures, magic, sorcerers, and human abilities to see into and interact with this mystical world. There are plenty of cultures today who still believe. There are plenty of places one can still go to purchase curses, yes even in Milwaukee Wisconsin!

So what kind of curses are there? Intentional curses created by a knowledgeable sorcerer, a deal made with a supernatural being, spell casting by a skilled or unskilled person, inherited curses from your ancestors, curses placed on you by your parents, curses you place on yourself, curses hurled at you in anger by strangers, and even negative thought forms and patterns become unintentional curses.

Focused intentional curses can be very complicated.  Containing many components that all need to be treated with compassion energetically. All unraveling occurs in a structured way dealing with the most sensitive parts of the curse first . Ending with healing for all energetic components and the release of life force energy.

It is this life force energy that is at the heart of curse unraveling, be it your life force energy that you might want back or the life force energy of some of the components like animals or other people that may have been involved with the design of the curse. And often because of the complexity of some of the really old family curses, life force energy has been drained or negatively affected for a lot of lineages and for a very long time. 

The skilled sorcerer could use an apprentices life force energy as the fuel for basic curses adding other forms of fuel for more complex designs.  Untrained but still powerful peoples unintentionally use those around them for life force energy. Maybe you've been around these negative folks before, always bringing you down?  

Even a seemingly simple thought pattern can become its own curse over time. "Why can't I find love?" Might become "I will never find love" Tying up your own life force energy into a negative pattern. Maybe as a child you heard "you will never be as smart as your sister" If you heard these words and accepted them into your heart, again you have vital life force energy tied up into this pattern.  For the parent who spoke the words, and all those who listened and believed, life force energy has been woven into the design of the curse.  

There is a basic structure to a curse; intent or design, the target, source of fuel, and the impact.   A curse unraveling session works in a structured way to release life force energy and unravel the working. The unraveling starts with identifying all the components in the design, addressing the special needs of those components, such as super natural beings or spirits until the curse itself dissipates and all life force energies are released.  

There are conditions for curses to exists such as the victims mentality, trust, imbalance of power, belief, strength, allies and knowledge.  There may be energetic layers that  contain certain conditions contributing to the over all success of a curse that might be uncovered with energy therapy as well as curse unraveling.   By taking the time to work through energetic conditions that might exists you can work towards a curse free life, one that we all have the right to be living.  

 If you would like more information on my services, call me at 414-367-4325 or emailcarmen@carmentracey.com  I work with individuals and businesses in curse unraveling, cord cutting and Reiki.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Love in Times of Trouble

I have been thinking a lot about Unconditional Love lately.  What makes it so hard for me to find love in my heart for someone like Joesph Kony for instance or the person who cut me off this morning in his big SUV?    Why am I fighting loving the new pope who just decided one of his priorities was shutting down US Nuns for being radical feminists?

I think the answer lies in the word.  It is just a word, spelled L o v e, after all.  A word that we use to describe an emotion.  Only we have attributed great power to this word.  Armed with this word, if we were to buy into the power of this word, unconditionally, we would have peace on this planet.

Why did we have to pick such a complicated word to use as our power word?  Love can mean:  pleasure, personal relationship, strong affection, personal attraction, compassion, kindness.  The word can represent feelings, states, attitudes, virtues.

Whereas a word like compassion, a part of the word love as an attitude or state or even virtue, would probably cause less angst then the word love does.  Can I have compassion for Joesph Kony?  This man who has caused so many to suffer, is he himself suffering?  Will my understanding of his suffering bring me to a state of compassion?

Maybe.  But trying to get there means I have a lot to think about, a lot of soul searching.

I love my husband, my son, my friends, gardening, animals, trees, my dogs, and the list is long and goes on and on.  Loving them brings me great Joy.  I don't have to think about it, I just feel.

So I decided awhile ago I'm not going to mess with the word love as my power word when it comes to manifesting peace on this planet.   How is trying to force myself to feel something I don't honoring?

Instead I am going to send light.  Just Ki, Chi, Prana, Mana, light,breath, air, reiki, however you want to hear me call it.  Just send it. I connect to this life force with each breath.  I breath out life with each breath.  I will honor my life force by sending light to the universe, a blessing.

I don't have to think about Joesph Kony or the endless suffering or the crazy driver.  I don't have to make any judgments.  I just send light.

And sit back and trust that peace is there for all sentient beings on this planet.

(oh and take personal responsibility as a productive member of society)

Many Light Blessings,
Carmen Tracey

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Reiki Energy Spirit and Science

As a Reiki practitioner, one of my great joys occurs at the end of a session when someone smiles and opens their eyes as they share their perspective of their session and how it made them feel.  Reiki can be experienced so differently by each individual as the energy works on many levels.  I have watched while new ideas have formed and listened to the excitement of a breakthrough.  I have watched as deep relaxation and a compassionate touch makes pain more bearable.   I have watched as remarkable transformations occur and pain is gone altogether or heaviness is released.  

Reiki Masters and their clients are often satisfied in simply knowing the Reiki works for them, perhaps even at a mystical level. Others may be interested in a more scientific understanding.  How can Reiki work?  How can healing touch influence health?  There may be comfort in knowing that science has identified the electromagnetic fields coming from a Reiki Master’s hands as having a similar frequency to the electric pulses used in electrical stimulation therapies.  

In the human body, information is passed to cells, tissues and organs through electrical charges. A changing electrical charge creates magnetic fields.  Until recently, only complex expensive equipment had been able to measure the human electromagnetic fields.  Now advanced devices can read the electromagnetic pulses from the hands of Reiki Masters.  Scientists measuring the brain waves of a Reiki Healer during a healing session have even discovered that the healers become frequency-synchronized with the earth’s electromagnetic spectrum.

When a Reiki Master is in a healing session they may feel heat, cold, tingling, or pin points of energy that are inconsistent.  These areas of changes have also been measured by modern science to show that a cell that is under stress, trauma or injury pulses at a greater frequency than a normal cell.  These pulses are understood to be potential injuries or precursors to illness.   

Clinical trials abound as Reiki continues to provide deep relaxation and nurturing as a complimentary therapy across many specialized fields of medicine. At the same time world renowned medical institutions including John’s Hopkins and the Cleveland Clinic are actively integrating Reiki services into their patient care offerings.

As a mystical art or a scientific practice or a unique combination of both, Reiki is a growing component of healthcare solutions. Whether your own personal concern is emotional distress, chronic pain, injury & recovery or even daily stress, Reiki may prove to be a valuable component of your healing path.  

Friday, May 18, 2012

Chakras and Nature

Good morning,

Wow, our weather has really been welcoming.  Yesterday when I was out with my dog friends I had a real Heart Chakra Opening Experience.  There was simply so much joy all around me and Zelda and Marzie were so happy, my heart just expanded.  Wow, the experience felt so good.

I know there are numerous times when I am mindfully walking that I notice how much of an impact the natural world has on our chakra and subtle energy systems.  I highly recommend that everyone take the opportunity to enjoy this incredible weather and explore where and how the different elements, birdsong and animals nurture and balance your chakra system.

I heard new birdsong in our neighborhood the last couple of days, I hope you get to welcome new friends into your neighborhood as well.

Many Bright Blessings,
Carmen Tracey

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My First Reiki Experience

I first experienced Reiki when I was 18.  I was working as a nurses aide at a nursing home and the head nurse Cheryl owned a crystal store and had an energy medicine school.  She was often looking for volunteers for her students to practice on and I was one of those volunteers.

Her school and students made a lasting impression on me.  I loved the Reiki energy and frequently experienced profound insights during my Reiki treatments.  I remember one session in particular I had a past life experience that confirmed what I had always felt about myself.  I think that having the gift of Reiki at a critical time in my life made a big difference in the choices I made on my life's path.  18 is a time of uncertainty and insecurities.  Having focused energy sessions helped me remove many of those blockages.  As a result I feel I have been able to fully embrace my inner knowing, feeling confident and secure about my place in the universe.  How great would it be to offer that gift to all young people.  Reiki is suitable for all ages.

I remember another session where the student working on me was telling me all about the energy she was feeling in different locations of my body and what kind of an emotional or mental connection could be made. This insight and knowledge has guided me to this day.  I still use much of that initial information in my own healing sessions.

Her school has also stayed with me all these years.  I remember being very impressed with the professional yet nurturing feel of her classroom.  Her students had hands on practice and direct client experiences.  I am truly grateful to find myself in a position where I get to work with Reiki students, helping them experience and work with the Reiki energy and clients.  I am very excited about the future of energy medicine and I am filled with gratitude that I get to be a part of that future.

I am truly filled with awe when I think of the impact this early exposure has had on my life today.  How fun is that!

If you are considering Reiki, as a treatment or as a life path, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.  I would love to share all the joy Reiki has brought into my life.

Many Bright Blessings,
Carmen Tracey