Tuesday, November 19, 2013


When you first hear the word curse does the image of the old gypsy woman in Steven Kings Thinner come to mind? Or the image of the evil eye?

Curses have been used since the dawn of man. The creativity and inventiveness of humans have allowed for some fascinating and complex curse designs. There was a time when it was the norm to believe in supernatural creatures, magic, sorcerers, and human abilities to see into and interact with this mystical world. There are plenty of cultures today who still believe. There are plenty of places one can still go to purchase curses, yes even in Milwaukee Wisconsin!

So what kind of curses are there? Intentional curses created by a knowledgeable sorcerer, a deal made with a supernatural being, spell casting by a skilled or unskilled person, inherited curses from your ancestors, curses placed on you by your parents, curses you place on yourself, curses hurled at you in anger by strangers, and even negative thought forms and patterns become unintentional curses.

Focused intentional curses can be very complicated.  Containing many components that all need to be treated with compassion energetically. All unraveling occurs in a structured way dealing with the most sensitive parts of the curse first . Ending with healing for all energetic components and the release of life force energy.

It is this life force energy that is at the heart of curse unraveling, be it your life force energy that you might want back or the life force energy of some of the components like animals or other people that may have been involved with the design of the curse. And often because of the complexity of some of the really old family curses, life force energy has been drained or negatively affected for a lot of lineages and for a very long time. 

The skilled sorcerer could use an apprentices life force energy as the fuel for basic curses adding other forms of fuel for more complex designs.  Untrained but still powerful peoples unintentionally use those around them for life force energy. Maybe you've been around these negative folks before, always bringing you down?  

Even a seemingly simple thought pattern can become its own curse over time. "Why can't I find love?" Might become "I will never find love" Tying up your own life force energy into a negative pattern. Maybe as a child you heard "you will never be as smart as your sister" If you heard these words and accepted them into your heart, again you have vital life force energy tied up into this pattern.  For the parent who spoke the words, and all those who listened and believed, life force energy has been woven into the design of the curse.  

There is a basic structure to a curse; intent or design, the target, source of fuel, and the impact.   A curse unraveling session works in a structured way to release life force energy and unravel the working. The unraveling starts with identifying all the components in the design, addressing the special needs of those components, such as super natural beings or spirits until the curse itself dissipates and all life force energies are released.  

There are conditions for curses to exists such as the victims mentality, trust, imbalance of power, belief, strength, allies and knowledge.  There may be energetic layers that  contain certain conditions contributing to the over all success of a curse that might be uncovered with energy therapy as well as curse unraveling.   By taking the time to work through energetic conditions that might exists you can work towards a curse free life, one that we all have the right to be living.  

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Love in Times of Trouble

I have been thinking a lot about Unconditional Love lately.  What makes it so hard for me to find love in my heart for someone like Joesph Kony for instance or the person who cut me off this morning in his big SUV?    Why am I fighting loving the new pope who just decided one of his priorities was shutting down US Nuns for being radical feminists?

I think the answer lies in the word.  It is just a word, spelled L o v e, after all.  A word that we use to describe an emotion.  Only we have attributed great power to this word.  Armed with this word, if we were to buy into the power of this word, unconditionally, we would have peace on this planet.

Why did we have to pick such a complicated word to use as our power word?  Love can mean:  pleasure, personal relationship, strong affection, personal attraction, compassion, kindness.  The word can represent feelings, states, attitudes, virtues.

Whereas a word like compassion, a part of the word love as an attitude or state or even virtue, would probably cause less angst then the word love does.  Can I have compassion for Joesph Kony?  This man who has caused so many to suffer, is he himself suffering?  Will my understanding of his suffering bring me to a state of compassion?

Maybe.  But trying to get there means I have a lot to think about, a lot of soul searching.

I love my husband, my son, my friends, gardening, animals, trees, my dogs, and the list is long and goes on and on.  Loving them brings me great Joy.  I don't have to think about it, I just feel.

So I decided awhile ago I'm not going to mess with the word love as my power word when it comes to manifesting peace on this planet.   How is trying to force myself to feel something I don't honoring?

Instead I am going to send light.  Just Ki, Chi, Prana, Mana, light,breath, air, reiki, however you want to hear me call it.  Just send it. I connect to this life force with each breath.  I breath out life with each breath.  I will honor my life force by sending light to the universe, a blessing.

I don't have to think about Joesph Kony or the endless suffering or the crazy driver.  I don't have to make any judgments.  I just send light.

And sit back and trust that peace is there for all sentient beings on this planet.

(oh and take personal responsibility as a productive member of society)

Many Light Blessings,
Carmen Tracey