Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My First Reiki Experience

I first experienced Reiki when I was 18.  I was working as a nurses aide at a nursing home and the head nurse Cheryl owned a crystal store and had an energy medicine school.  She was often looking for volunteers for her students to practice on and I was one of those volunteers.

Her school and students made a lasting impression on me.  I loved the Reiki energy and frequently experienced profound insights during my Reiki treatments.  I remember one session in particular I had a past life experience that confirmed what I had always felt about myself.  I think that having the gift of Reiki at a critical time in my life made a big difference in the choices I made on my life's path.  18 is a time of uncertainty and insecurities.  Having focused energy sessions helped me remove many of those blockages.  As a result I feel I have been able to fully embrace my inner knowing, feeling confident and secure about my place in the universe.  How great would it be to offer that gift to all young people.  Reiki is suitable for all ages.

I remember another session where the student working on me was telling me all about the energy she was feeling in different locations of my body and what kind of an emotional or mental connection could be made. This insight and knowledge has guided me to this day.  I still use much of that initial information in my own healing sessions.

Her school has also stayed with me all these years.  I remember being very impressed with the professional yet nurturing feel of her classroom.  Her students had hands on practice and direct client experiences.  I am truly grateful to find myself in a position where I get to work with Reiki students, helping them experience and work with the Reiki energy and clients.  I am very excited about the future of energy medicine and I am filled with gratitude that I get to be a part of that future.

I am truly filled with awe when I think of the impact this early exposure has had on my life today.  How fun is that!

If you are considering Reiki, as a treatment or as a life path, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.  I would love to share all the joy Reiki has brought into my life.

Many Bright Blessings,
Carmen Tracey

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