Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Active Hope - Good News for Our Planet

Dear fellow dreamers and visionaries,

Good news!  There is Hope.

I participated in a weekend workshop called Active Hope; How to Face the Mess We're In Without Going Crazy.  I spent most of yesterday in the sort of sleep state that comes from cleansing heavy emotions. This morning I woke with the knowledge that how I live my life does matter. I matter.  You matter, please know that.

I received some very helpful and Hope-Full messages from Active Hope.  I want to share these with you with the hope that they resonate with you and boost your confidence in your ability to dream a better more just world.  I am full of hope that you read this post and take to heart the importance of our sharing our pain and sadness. That there is more opportunity for healing in sharing then in remaining silent.

I do not have to have the answer.  I do not need to solve all the worlds problems. I do not need to be the judge of someone else's priorities. Why? Because they are all valid. Our world has many issues and not one is more important then the other. We need each other. There is no real way to solve all of the world's problems, right now today.  So it is a relief to know I do not need to spend another minute trying to.

We can be open to the unexpected outcome. The Unexpected Outcome. I love it! I can allow for the possibility that we will change our failed industrial system into something beautiful and sustainable. I can allow for the opportunity for trophy hunting to be a sad story of our past. I can allow for the unexpected outcome. And because I do not have to solve the worlds problems, I can hold hope in my heart - I may not know how we will save ourselves but I can allow that we might. That we can and will.

We do not know who will be that 100th monkey or that tipping point.  Is it you? Is it me?  What if it is the very next person I talk to that all of a sudden allows for a shift in consciousness? A shift in the paradigm. It really is not that many people needed to make a drastic change in the world.  13 out of a 100 people represent the tipping point percentage.  I like to think I know 13 like minded people who are hoping and working toward change. I like to think that at any moment maybe I am the 99th monkey, a bridge towards change.

Our emotions are not dirty. It is ok to talk about our sadness, anger, hopelessness, depression, joy, desires, fears and so on. Too often we are taught that we can't talk about our fear, talking about it gives rise to it. Talking about our sadness is un-grateful. If we are depressed we need medication, help. If we are angry, its too scary. Well I just participated in the most refreshing and cleansing ceremony called the Truth Mandala in which we were able to share our feelings in a safe sacred space. No one told me I was being melodramatic when I cried for my orangutan friends, that my anger at our failing democracy was silly, no one gave me 'helpful' advice on how to not feel hopeless about how many people eat hamburgers at mcdonalds, that these hamburgers are destroying the very forests my orangutan friends need to survive. In fact no one said anything at all, we all just listened to each other, gave each other a space to share our feelings. Our new story needs to allow for expression of emotions. There are no 'bad' emotions. Your vibration is not going to keep you from healing, from the light. I am surrounded by light workers who would have you 'let go' of those feelings to remain at a higher vibration - let go and ignore? or feel and let go - there is a difference. We come from an old story of silence. Speak up, say your truth.

We need to practice writing and telling a new story. In my new story I live in a world where everyone has access to fresh, clean, unpolluted water. Everyone has access to a livelihood based on sustainable, just practices; never abusing animals, people or the earth for a higher gain. In my vision we are all living a life of joy, held in blessed space to feel our feelings, to walk a path of honoring our gifts as unique individuals. We are learning just how powerful our brain and imaginations are. It is valid to use those gifts. Dream, envision, allow for the unexpected outcome, of dreaming and sharing your vision for our world.

Tell me about your world, your visions of Active Hope. Tell me about your pain, your sadness, your joy - I will listen.

If you see an Active Hope workshop in your area, take it.  If you want to host/ess an Active Hope workshop in your area, I know a great and wonderful facilitator: Kathleen Rude.  Many blessings to everyone who participated in the Active Hope workshop with me this weekend. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to be held in community for healing our beloved mother earth.

Many Blessings of Peace and Freedom for all my relations, Carmen Tracey


  1. Way to go Carmen, My vision is that more people focus on what can be done. There is so much good in the world and when we focus on those more good comes. The world has the ability to be flipped UP:+) When peoples health improves so does their mind and heart open to a better life... Shifting from medicated 2 educated 2 activated creates a liberated life:+) thank you for a great blog! Kim

  2. Thank you Kim for sharing! I love that we are in community together on this beautiful journey.