Saturday, February 22, 2014

Are You Scaring the Trees?

I was telling my friend something that one of my teachers said during an intensive I was taking last fall.  My friend told me I should write a blog about it, so here it is:

 The story was about how my teacher was hired to communicate with some trees that were to be cut down and her clients wanted to know if the trees were ok with this.  Surprisingly my teacher discovered that the trees were much more afraid of the protesters then the loggers.  The loggers were going about their job with a pure heart, where as the protesters were acting out of anger, judgement and hatred.

Those are scary emotions indeed!  Anger, Judgement and Hatred.  Indignant righteousness.

I consider myself a Deep Ecologist and an Activist and as such I find myself belonging to numerous groups both online and through annual donations to support their efforts.  Frequently through emails and Facebook posts I get updates on certain conditions, such as animal abuse and environmental injustices.  What I found most alarming when I returned from my intensive was the sheer number of people making comments out of Anger, Judgement and Hatred.

For instance, take any Facebook post about an abused dog and read the comments.  You will find the majority of the comments include statements like:  "that person should suffer the same fate"  "that person should rot in hell" "that person should be mutilated in some fashion"  and so on.

I am truly blown away by this.  All that raw negative energy directed at a very specific person.  Or company or country or 'other'.  In a world that is largely Christian, I ask myself where is the "love thy neighbor"?  Where is the compassion?  If we are creating our world through intention, shouldn't we be imagining a better place, not more violence?

So I ask you, in your heart, your thoughts and your spoken or written word:  do you Scare the Trees?  Are you taking an active part in creation?  Creating with responsibility?

I challenge us all to make positive use of our global social network to create a world full of love, hope and compassion.

Love the Trees, please,
Carmen Tracey

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